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HYPNOTIC ESCAPADES Comedy Hypnosis Show is the show you'll be talking about for years to come

If you are looking for a fast-paced, fun-filled evening of hypnosis entertainment, blending comedy, music and audience participation, look no further. HYPNOTIC ESCAPADES is comedic audience participation at its finest and an experience you’ll never forget.

Watch in amazement as audience volunteers transform right before your eyes into hypnotized and mesmerized world-class entertainers.

The entire audience is involved and entertained from start to finish.

You’ll be laughing non-stop as volunteers from the audience become the stars of the show and embark on a tasteful, yet hysterical, journey into the imagination providing clean and hilarious entertainment appropriate for all ages.

The individuals who volunteer, of course, are the ones who will have the most fun as the best seats are on stage.

All of Kerrilee’s shows are clean and appropriate for all ages. No one is ever offended nor humiliated in front of their peers.

Hypnotic Escapades is suitable for the high school, college, corporate and fundraiser markets.



Hypnotic Escapades is hypnosis entertainment at its finest. You will be amazed. You will be entranced. You will laugh until you cry as you witness volunteers enter an alternate reality and transform into superstars.

Hypnotic Escapades is imaginative, unique and ever changing. Every show is original, so you never know what is going to happen next.

Hypnotic Escapades will give your audience a night of inspired comedy hypnosis they will talk about for years to come. This is the show you don’t want to miss.

Comedy Stage Hypnosis

KERRILEE PIETROSKI is one of Massachusetts' Premier Comedy Stage Hypnotists filling venues across the country with an ever changing and always hilarious show. Trained in both Stage Hypnotism and Clinical Hypnosis, she brings a unique blend of comedic entertainment, music and hypnotic skills to create an evening of unparallel fun, laughter and memories. Kerrilee's shows are always age appropriate and can be customized to fit your needs. As an added value, Kerrilee provides her own custom sound system contributing to an overall experience your audience won't soon forget.

Comedy Hypnosis Shows for High Schools


Kerrilee will help you create an amazingly successful event for your school. Each of Kerrilee’s shows are specially crafted for you, so you can be assured that the show will fulfill whatever needs and requirements your school may have so your students can enjoy a safe and fun night. Hypnotic Escapades is the perfect entertainment for post prom, grad nights, senior breakfast, homecoming, senior week, staff appreciation day or assembly. Kerrilee also offers a fundraising program which is great for non-profits, high school organizations such as student council, class fundraisers, music or sports fundraisers, etc.

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Comedy Hypnosis Shows for Colleges


Kerrilee assists student activities coordinators and greek council members in providing memorable campus entertainment by designing a show that your students will never forget. She offers a show or package for every venue, event, and occasion. Perfect for Campus Activities Boards, orientation week, homecoming, family weekends, alumni events, senior week, Greek Life, finals week or any event you want to make memorable and fun! Kerrilee also offers a fundraising program which is great for non-profits and collegiate organizations such as student council, class fundraisers, arts or greek fundraisers, etc.

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In addition to providing corporate entertainment, Kerrilee offers “Program Your Mind for Success” presentations. Combining her Neuro-linguistic Skills, military background, Strategic Intervention Coaching Strategies and Hypnosis skills, she speaks to businesses and organizations on peak performance strategies, success strategies and goal setting. With her background in occupational therapy and eating psychology coaching, Kerrilee is also a highly sought after corporate wellness speaker presenting on stress management, health habits and weight management.

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A Comedy Stage Hypnosis show is a unique and engaging form of entertainment.

You’ll be recognized for having the insight of arranging and hiring such unique entertainment, and your peers will be talking about the show for years to come!

If you are looking to raise funds for your organization, Stage Shows have a proven track record that allows you to maximize returns for less effort.

Kerrilee will help you create an amazingly successful event. And each of Kerrilee’s shows are specially crafted for you.

Make your event special while your entire booking experience is easy, prompt, professional and hassle-free. Call today and get a customized quote for your event.

Hypnosis Fundraising ShowsHigh School Hypnotist

If you are expected to coordinate the FUNDRAISING  efforts for your organization and are committed to achieving your group’s financial goals, KERRILEE can help.

Kerrilee's Hypnotic Escapades Comedy Hypnosis Show will provide you with an exciting, fun and profitable evening. Her fundraising program is great for non-profits, high school or collegiate organizations such as student council, class fundraisers, music or sports fundraisers, etc.

Kerrilee's fundraising program has a proven track record that allows you to maximize returns with less effort than it takes to run basket auctions, candy sales, car washes or bake sales - enabling you to produce the income your group may need. You can easily make $500 to $10,000 with a single 60-90 minute show, making it potentially one of the best fundraising options available. Best of all, she provides you with a 'turn-key approach' to fundraising - giving you everything you need for a successful and profitable evening.

Comedy Hypnotist Kerrilee Pietroski



Kerrilee is world class hypnotherapist and one of the few female stage hypnotists performing in the world today.

Having trained with world renowned stage hypnotists, Kerrilee has performed across the country and has shared the stage with the likes of Reba McEntire, Snoop Dog, Pentatonix and Bad Company.

As a board certified hypnotherapist, Kerrilee not only entertains, but also teaches people about the power of their mind. At the conclusion of each show, Kerrilee provides an inspiring and motivational message, teaching people how to harness the power of their mind to overcome obstacles and become the best version of themselves.

If you are looking for a quality, one-of-a-kind clean professional show that will go safely and smoothly - HYPNOTIC ESCAPADES is the Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show for you. Performing in all areas of the United States, Kerrilee is happy to bring her show to you. Call today to get a customized quote for your event or to begin your hassle-free booking experience. You can be confident that Kerrilee will provide you with a Hypnosis Show your guests will be talking about for years to come.

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