HYPNOTIC ESCAPADES Comedy Hypnosis Show - The Easiest Way to Raise Money for Your Club or Organization

If you are expected to coordinate the FUNDRAISING  efforts or your organization and are committed to achieving your group’s financial goals, KERRILEE can help.

Kerrilee's Hypnotic Escapades will provide you with an exciting, fun and profitable evening. Her fundraising program is great for non-profits, high school or collegiate organizations such as student council, class fundraisers, music or sports fundraisers, etc.

Hypnotic Escapades Fundraising Program has a proven track record that allows you to maximize returns with less effort than it takes to run basket auctions, candy sales, car washes or bake sales - enabling you to produce the income your group may need. You can easily make $500 to $10,000 with a single 60-90 minute show, making it potentially one of the best fundraising options available. Best of all, Kerrilee provides you with a 'turn-key approach' to fundraising - giving you everything you need for a successful and profitable evening.



Hypnotic Escapades provides a "Turn Key Approach to Fundraising"

Little advanced planning is necessary

Stage shows are a unique approach to raising money

A comedy hypnosis stage show is a fun activity that motivates your group members to work together

Hypnotic Escapades is mind blowing entertainment that attracts large audiences

A stage show can be utilized year after year and never gets old as the performance changes regularly

The attendance grows each year as word spreads about the amazing time everyone has

Kerrilee’s FUNDRAISING PACKAGE is so EASY and has little to no out of pocket money for your group.

She wants your event to be as easy and stress-free as possible. That’s why you will be provided with everything you need.



Posters to hang around your event and community

Tickets to sell

Press release templates to send to your local media and social media posts

Kerrilee will help you create an amazingly successful event. And each of Kerrilee’s shows are specially crafted for you.

Make your event special while your entire booking experience is easy, prompt, professional and hassle-free. Call today and get a customized quote for your event.

This program is great for non-profits, college fraternities and sororities, high school organizations such as student council, class fundraisers, music or sports fundraisers, etc.

Not only does this program bring in the funds you need for your organization, but it raises awareness of what you do and has everyone in the community talking about YOUR event for weeks and months after.

Contact us to get started raising money for your organization today!

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